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I've been watching videos and reading the news about the crisis in Japan, and I am truly saddened. Japan is dealing with huge disastrous events that I can never imagine going through. The death tolls are still rising from the massive earthquake and tsunamis, and now the nuclear plant blasts are adding to the catastrophe. If you are able to, please lend support to the victims in Japan by donating: Red Cross, World Vision, Salvation Army.

For pictures and news: The Big Picture and BBC



I went to Jules for dinner last night - a cozy French restaurant in Gastown. They have one of the best crab bisques I have ever had. The crab bisque has local baby shrimp in it as well, and it is served with croutons, rouille and gruyere cheese. SO DELICIOUS. I usually get salmon and frites, but last night I got the moules frites. The steamed mussels came in a nice light white wine sauce with garlic and parsley. If you're ever in the Gastown area, it's a great place to go for some casual French dining.

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hair is fixed.

I got my hair dyed professionally for the first time because I wanted to try something new. I didn't do any research and just popped into a salon. Bad idea. Outcome = blonde streaks in my dark brown hair. Thankfully, a friend directed me to a really nice salon... goodbye blonde, hello caramel!

Wearing: Aritzia cocoon jacket, Club Monaco sheer blouse, Club Monaco silk pants, Whyred oxfords.

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sunday stroll.

Sunday afternoon was spent walking around downtown Vancouver with some good company after a satisfying meal at Deacon's Diner. I got in-house smoked salmon hash, with peppers, onions and 2 easy over fried eggs and toast. And just to please my fish n' chips craving - a side of fish. Random, but delicious. A reason why the afternoon walk was much needed.

Wearing: Aritzia army jacket, pashmina scarf from a market in Pakistan, Club Monaco cardigan, Dilemma lace shirt, vintage shorts, Anne Klein stockings, Anne Klein thigh high socks, H&M booties.

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Guacamole is ANOTHER one of my favourite dips to make because it is so easy, delicious and healthy. This dip too is so lovely because of the variety of ingredients you can add to it to make it different each time. Usually, I just use avocado, lemon, salt, pepper and cilantro. Today, I added some diced tomatoes, jalopeños, and red onions and some grounded coriander and fenugreek for an extra kick.

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